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I'm suspecting more and more Corey Goode is either not what he claims to be or a unwitting prawn. There is simply zero supporting evidence or secondary witnesses to backup his rather wide sweeping story of a Secret Space Program and Blue Avians erecting a shield around the solar system. There is not one iota of supporting material from what I can tell. Lesser UFO ET events have had a least some minor degree of traction in the form of body marks, pics, medical exams, radar recordings, memos,etc. One obvious piece of evidence is Corey Goode himself. Corey suggests he is an ex SSP empath soldier of sorts for twenty years and was, at the end of his service, biologically regressed back to a physical state of being where his mission began - thus negating twenty years via genetic quantum body-clock reversal. Corey Goode therefore represents a nearly mystical human being who has been altered twenty years more youthful. This would be astounding, reality shaking, a universal revelation of impossible grandeur of what is possible with ultra-technology. Twenty years younger! Why hasn't Goode submitted himself to a comprehensive medical exam? For reality sake, I'm suggesting very basic physical exam standards, such as a blood test, perhaps a DNA test, skin cell tests - things we all would get in the course of our lives visiting a family doctor. Intrusive? It would be fair to say he does not have to obligate himself to a physical exam, but I want readers to ponder that this has never been offered as an item from Corey, as far as I know. The absence of offering himself as evidence is suspect in my book considering his body is the only physical evidence Goode actually possesses and therefore an item he could make good use of to reinforce his other-worldly yarn. I would do the tests on myself if this were my story, in a heart beat. He can have David Wilcock and that production crew of his pay for the exam. These are reasonable suggestions here, entry level stuff.

What I have witnessed is that Corey Goode and David Wilcock have done a great deal of marketing as relates to the SSP story. Corey Goode's website makes me want to puke, each time I visit it seems to have morphed into a theme park website with mugs, books, trinkets for sale. I also have a fundamental problem with David Wilcock, he seems to think of himself as a sort of messenger or hero figure. He is far from it. If there is a UFO Hero, then our hero is Whitley Strieber, and the heroine is Linda Moulton Howe who has busted ass for thirty plus years squeezing UFO blood out of rocks. Whitley caught so much degrading shit from putting his story forward back in the 1980's and the man has refrained from speculating on the origins of the Visitors and has gone to inhuman lengths to avoid being the center of a cult and has avoided portraying himself as having some great, gifted wisdom on UFOs and ETs. I would even go as far to say that Strieber's humility, restraint in itself seems to be a mode of  mind that tunnels into higher dimensions, wherein 'questions' are more important than the 'answer' for it teases the brain into higher intelligence thinking. There is material evidence with Whitley's case, a medical doctor attempting to get an implant out of his ear was documented on video. There were named witnesses who came forth to say they also saw strange beings in and around Whitley's cabin back at the height of Visitor activity, and the list goes on. As I have said before, author Whitley Strieber and Linda Howe are the Gold Standard by which I personally judge all other UFO - ET writers and eye witnesses.

What do we have with Corey Goode? Nothing, zero, nada, zilch. I followed Corey Goode's story for about a year and Agent D's coverage and Agent K's coverage is thorough. There are really no supporting characters, no supporting documents, no material evidence. Now, I've been a staunch believer that UFOs and ETs deliberately leave no trace, so I do not expect there to be evidence left behind after encounters or abductions - this is the Visitor M.O. their Trademark. However, with such a large HUMAN organization as the SSP, I would expect some degree of leakage. Where is the leakage? Has anyone even found one drop of SSP leakage? If so please email me right away. I'll even bend over a little bit and take a UFO internet spanking if I'm wrong, but I suspect I will only hear crickets after this request. No, the feeling I get is that Corey Goode has taken a lot of existing material, understands the language and world of UFOlogy well and has created an offshoot. It is very well done, as it includes very high level spiritual information and deep physics concepts and of course the usual suspects, reptilians, grays, covert agents. It is so well done, it is in fact spooky. What I mean by "spooky" is the notion that dark beings might be throwing out keywords and concepts such as "service to others", "love", "ascension" and repeating these necessary axioms over and over in an effort to create a trusting persona. I have my own personal theory that a lot more is at stake than is understood by the average human and I think the dark beings are going to resist the good and will be more clever and intelligent than most humans. How do we know if a being is of infinite love? I think the answer is TIME. History is a time machine, we can look backwards and analyze what we thought at a particular time against the NOW and what is evident reality. I believe characters such as Strieber have proven themselves over time. Travis Walton has proven himself over time, sticking to his story, keeping a consistent demeanor as regards the validity of the sighting. I guess what is missing with Corey Goode is time and history, we will have to see what pans out. For the moment the monetization of the SSP story truly rubs me the wrong way. I've heard the argument people need an income to continue to tell their story. I once agreed to this, but in the internet age, I've had a change of heart. I've never made a fucking dime off the UFO field and never intend to and at the height of TOR, we reached over a million readers per year through pro-bono hard work. I'm not saying others must work pro-bono, but you better be absolute impeccable if you monetize and I'm not smelling impeccable here.

So who is for real and who is false? I do believe in intuition. I believe there are good beings in the Universe. I believe there are people who lack morality and absolute empathy for fellow living beings. I have seen UFOs and I have experienced paranormal encounters and attacks, so as I have stated before I am far, far out there in the land of believerdom. My gut feeling with Corey Goode is not Goode at the moment. I could be wrong. I find David Wilcock to be a bit annoying. I think he runs his mouth and throws out a lot of material to see what sticks. It's DISINGENUOUS.

I hope I'm wrong, I love Corey Goode's story, I love the idea of a solar force field being erected to protect us and feathered friends visiting with blue spheres. But this sounds like something we want to hear. I'm getting more and more disinterested in the players and stories that have floated to the surface of the UFO ET pond lately.  As innocent readers, what is our motivation to follow these stories and invest morality and energy into these claims? Nothing really and no one can be blamed for flipping off the channel. The "service to others" message? Well, if you don't have it in you as an adult to know better that you need to help others, I doubt some fancy story is going to inject source energy morality into you. I think you either have the right stuff or you do not. So, if there really is a pressing message we need to hear, then the Visitors are doing a poor job of delivery and I'm giving them an "F" for failure if Corey Goode is the messenger. We can do better than this, would you not agree?

I would like, lastly to offer a possible explanation of where people like Corey Goode spring forth from. Of late, I am becoming fixated with the concept of "instantaneous infinity". The notion that consciousness is nothing more than vibration and mass is an illusion. Indeed there is nothing in the universe but waves and vibrations, that is it. As Bashar stated "What you put out - is what you get back" You are source consciousness and the quantum matrix is your mirror, an infinite mirror at that. It is finely tuned feedback and reflects your current mindset. Infinity instantly manifests a reality that fits your expectations, needs, desires fears - this is practically confirmed law at this point - at least in my personal life. I believe Corey Goode is a manifestation from the infinite aethers. Our collective suspicion of a hidden, dark government, Snoden Assange'esque leakers, lurking aliens both good and bad and saviors of humanity. We've projected this Goode character to assume a role and I think this is why he seems simultaneously real and unreal and slippery. What is reality? There is only the NOW. Perhaps there is no real, true reality that can be pinned down at any given moment - whatever your mindset in the NOW induces the quantum mirror. It's changing all the time, it has to be otherwise permanency would be a sort of hell. Change is the only constant.

I'm spending less time reading other people's internet projections and theories as I suspect these are reflections of stress, paranoia and insanity. Everything and anything seems to be valid these days, as concerns UFOs and ascension and nothing can ever be pinned down - but of course it can't because mass is an illusion - there is only vibration and thought. Who is right and who is wrong? They cannot all be right and wrong at the same time - or - can they? Hmmm

Agent D

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Agent D 'boo' recreation based upon Romanek video and pics
The 2013 Stan Romanek documentary "Extraordinary" is now available on i-tunes to rent for five bucks and I watched it last night in 1080p resolution on my Samsung LED TV in bed at 2 am. The power to my house cut out twice during the documentary, most likely just coincidence but it certainly added some tension and ambiance to the evening. I highly recommend "Extraordinary" for other UFO-ET enthusiasts, this is a balanced, detailed and well produced video that includes a generous amount of UFO video, mostly recorded by Stan, and first hand evidence in the form of photos, medical records, audio and interviews with experts in the field of quantum physics and psychology. Having followed Stan's case for many years, I was familiar with most of the material prior to watching Extraordinary on i-tunes. I would like to take a few moments to cover some of the highlights of the documentary, now that I have watched it in its entirety, and give my opinion on a few of the most significant items. Stan Romanek is of course the Colorado abductee who released the alien peeping tom video which went viral in 2008. What most people do not realize, as they are insufferably lazy and quick to judge, is that Stan Romanek was having a great deal of UFO activity before the famous "boo" video and has had activity following the viral video and the overwhelming body of evidence spanning decades is presented in the documentary in a nearly linear fashion from the earliest material to the later years. 

Scene recreation by Agent D, based upon Stan Romanek sketches and other eye witness data

Is Stan Romanek a genuine abductee or the best UFO hoaxer of all time? This is the question on UFO enthusiast's minds and I have been on a personal quest to find out the answer to this extraordinary question. The documentary includes multiple videos shot by Stan which depict brilliant energy orbs zipping around both outside and inside his home. There is also video of the famous alien 'boo' peeking through the window. Taking things to the next level of weirdness is the 'grandpa grey' video which shows a small Grey type being standing behind a wall, leaning out and looking through Stan's sliding glass door into the camera. The being is full animated with a biological timing in terms of body movements and facial movements. Now, if Stan or someone close to Stan cooked up these videos, they are incredibly knowledgeable and talented. It would not be impossible to fake one or both of the peeping alien videos, however when you take into account the big pile of video and photographic evidence Stan has accumulated, fakery does not seem practical. I know fakers and their trade craft and the M.O. of hoaxers usually presents itself as a few, semi-plausible videos built around a particular theme. As an example, Billy Meyers produced the same type of chrome-looking craft over and over at the same distance in the same Swiss landscape. Lisping idiot Secure Team 10 presents ground to sky clips of 3D generated UFOs with an average video beginning on the UFO and ending with the UFO zipping off, ditto for the Dumbass Duo over at TwerpPhaseMoon. With Stan, the evidence ranges from melted prescription bottles to audio of a dumbfounded medical doctor trying to make sense of a self-healing torn ACL ligament. We have characters other than Stan and his wife Lisa who are deeply involved. The scope and depth of talent necessary to fake such a wide ranging array of items is mind-boggling. 

Agent D - Grey Being recreation based upon multiple reports
There are a few things that bug me about Stan Romanek's story and keep me scratching my head. One of the earliest craft recorded by Stan on video is a UFO that consists of a large upper circular body with several smaller spheres forming a ring at the bottom. This type of configuration has been recorded before on video and also described by another famous abductee. So, if Stan faked one of his earlier videos of the UFO above the power-lines, then he picked a damn good configuration and is very well versed in UFO craft history. What has me convinced Stan Romanek is telling the truth is the assortment of photographs and sketches he has related to Grey aliens and ET-human hybrids. Of particular interest to me, and a picture I was not aware of prior to watching the Extraordinary video, is the photograph Stan snapped of the chalk-white face Grey beings that show up so very often in David Huggin's paintings. The white face and black eyes of these beings seem so impossibly high-contrast, I thought surely David Huggins was exaggerating their faces in his paintings - but incredibly it appears they do indeed look like this given the actual being Stan appears to have captured on camera. Grey beings and Hybrid being anatomy is an area of scene recreation I became involved in with other UFO abductees beginning in 1996. I go into this in great detail in one of our earlier blog entries on Stan, so to make a long story short - once again, Stan would have to be very, very well versed in hybrid physiology based upon dozens of eye witness reports. Well, Stan could be a UFO savant, capable of hitting home-runs with a wild assortment of ET hoaxery, but you have to ask, why? For the money? Anyone placing themselves into such a ridiculously, perilous public position solely for money would be evidently STUPID in my opinion, and Stan Romanek comes across as anything but stupid. I cover the infamous interview with Stan flipping the pen cap, in the earlier blog, so please check that out if you want to get deeper into the Romanek psychology. 

Agent D Illustration - Grey-Human Hybrid Child based upon CE4 reports
The epilogue of Extraordinary covers the legal case being fabricated against Stan, claiming he had illegal pornographic images on his computer. I would like for readers to think about the reality of this situation for a moment, lean back in your chair and really ponder this. The fact that there is a government case against Stan in itself is peculiar. It is direct evidence someone wants to shut down Stan's story. This type of accusation destroys a person instantly, consider that. It destroyed Stan's reputation like a bunker buster bomb. Fortunately, however - the documentary was in the can before the accusations - so the evidence is out there for the world to see and for them to make up their own minds. Proving someone personally placed images on a computer is literally impossible to prove and in my opinion just stupid and irresponsible to propose in the first place, given how easy it is to hack a PC and the NSA have been caught out to be LIARS and HACKERS with great interest in hacking smart phones and personal computers, so I personally do not believe anything coming from the US government or Homeland Insecurity and never will. 

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a drawing from a close encounter eye witness is worth its weight in platinum. No human has ever taken a picture of an extraterrestrial, that we know of. This puts immeasurable value on the drawings and scene recreations coming from eye witnesses who have had first hand interactions with beings not of this world and perhaps not of this dimension. Cameras are not allowed into legal courts, as such character artists are the only visual window into secret chambers and proceedings. Likewise, hand made drawings are the only window into the world of human-ET interaction and these illustrations are cherished records and will go down in human history as some of the most significant pieces of art ever created. In most cases, CE4 eyewitnesses lack either the tools or skills necessary to create striking visual recreations of their experiences, however in a few rare cases exceptional drawings do materialize. Whitley Strieber worked with Steven Neill to create the famous Grey Visitor bust that has become a cultural legend. Another eye witness that many UFO readers may not be familiar with is David Huggins, a 56 year old CE4 eyewitness who has recounted his mind bending story as well as having created dozens of paintings directly from raw memory.

If anyone could have taken a picture of the visitors and their UFOs it would have been Whitley Streiber considering the numerous, documented and verified interactions he has had with aliens, hybrids and dead people. Whitley was never successful in taking photographs of the Visitors and this is most likely because they prevent photographs in all interactions for unknown reasons. Let's jump over to a parallel reality where I must correct myself when I say no person has ever taken a picture or video of an ET as this may not be entirely accurate, at least no person deliberately setting out to take an ET picture ever succeeded. But in the early 1990's a group of paranormal researchers in the UK assembled and conducted the "Scole Experiment". During the closed circuit digital camcorder experiment known as "Alice" an image was indeed obtained of what appears to be a "Grey" being with the typical large head with enormous almond shaped eyes. I believe this is in fact likely the only actual visual recording of a Grey being. Incredibly, the image of the Grey, or baby blue in this case, is actual video and the being is recorded over several seconds deliberately looking into the camera, which would indicate "they" were aware of the experiment and aware of the camera's ability to capture visual data from another dimension.

David Huggin's experience fits quite neatly into the entire puzzle that CE4 eye witnesses have presented for us. Though the interactions are surreal and extraordinary, the sequence of events and characters involved jive with many other witness stories. These paintings are not physical evidence and many would argue that David could have simply read the story of others and is painting from the human collective imagination. There is one painting in particular that I believe dispells any notion of imagination, fakery or copying. This is the image David Huggins painted of several nude Grey-human hybrid beings standing against a wall holding very small hybrid babies, accompanied by several enormous insect beings who appear to have visible auras. Something very interesting happens if you take the original painting and covert it to black and white and then reduce the size of the image. The painting looks like a photograph. The visual quality of the original painting is not that extraordinary and I do not believe Huggin's set out to paint a masterpiece with this
particular canvas. It is clear when one looks at the body of David's work he certainly has gotten into his groove and found the canvas size and pace and choice of paint and brushes that work for him. He has the methodology and technique that allows him to produce, from memory, an astounding number of close encounter and UFO scenes that are so accurate and blatant, at first glance the scenes seem frankly impossible. I have been studying David's paintings for many years. I have not seen these paintings in person, but I have made a great effort to look over large, high resolution pictures taken of his work. Gather up pictures of Huggin's paintings and you will see a repeating theme. Small, grey beings who appear to be assisting surface missions, tall insect beings who appear wise and graceful and of course, we have Crescent herself and other female aliens who appear to share Crescent's exact likeness down to the last detail. The hybrid females are so identical in fact, they appear to be clones or hybrid children birthed from deliberate technology.

This magnificent female being presents an absolutely perfect mystery. We have so many questions regarding her. Why is her face absolutely bone white and her head and eyes are classic black, tall grey in appearance, yet her body is portrayed as tan and so fundamentally homosapien it arouses the human sexual psyche. Are these woman wearing white makeup and black wigs? Do these hybrid beings in fact have thin, grey anatomy and thus have a need to create a false visual image inside David's head in order to obtain a normal level of social interaction? This mind image theory is immediately challenged, as David has stated that he has had sexual intercourse with Crescent and this would suggest Crescent in fact does have a human body with female genitalia. The hyper-surreal anatomical combination of a black and white head with a voluptuous tan body in itself produces an unexpected sexual presence and David manifests this physical energy through the canvas with eye to eye, face to face, body to body pieces that allow us to zoom in... literally... into alien eyes. There is no denying the visual scenarios are sexual and intimate in nature and interestingly mirror, perfectly, the verbal and written description Huggins has put forth over the many years since he has come forth publicly with his story.

We all know from our own lives and experiences that a genuine mystery is sometimes much more sexual and alluring than ordinary reality. Crescent appears over and over as the central theme of David's paintings, is she inviting us to enter a parallel reality - perhaps outside of time and space as we know it. Inspired by David's work I have created my own painting of Crescent as an homage to Huggin's work and I would invite everyone to take some time to read up on David's mesmerizing encounter and let the imagery and unspoken story sink in. Agent D


The Surreal Art of David Huggins VIMEO

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What is the deep truth beneath Trump's squabble with the US intelligence community? We can only speculate, and as we all know there is the public version of events and the real version of events known only to the political players. It is also impossible to know what is inside of another human being's head.

In recent years, there has been an absolute flood of incredible socio-political documentaries that have migrated onto pay to view channels such as Netflix, the agents have posted links to the best of these documentaries over the years on The Object Report web page feed. Based upon the hard work and endeavors of truth seekers, writers and film makers - we know of two global level players who appear to be behind, literally, everything political and financial.

Here we proudly present, of course, the Military Industrial Complex or MIC, and amazingly this is no theory when we speak of the MIC, as we have the infamous warning of their existence and intents from President Eisenhower's farewell public speech of 1961.

The second global superpower is the International Banking Cartel or IBC, and certainly after all of the financial crisis the last couple of decades, we not only know of its existence we have all felt the very tremors of their fiscal conquest. Popular culture has even invented the nickname of "Banksters" which sums it up all so well.

Another global, or possibly cosmic level player we have gotten wind of, but that is not listed with these other alphabet soup clowns is the Secret Space Program or SSP. There is a great likelihood that the SSP is kin to the MIC, but more a tumor, a spawn that was formed within the MIC womb and began to grow in power and scope beyond what the host likely knew of or could contain. There is also the possibility the SSP grew in parallel to the MIC and this is the subject of great debate currently.

What relationship do the MIC, IBC and SSP have to each other? Three alpha male polar bears surveying their expanse of broken ice, their valued fiefdoms. We know the alphabets have basic requirements, or nutrients, necessary for sustaining their existence. The first is the root of all evil, MONEY. The second is the root of all money - POWER. Look at any megalomaniac, dictator or sociopath and you will find an unhealthy appetite within their mental membrane for money and power. Control could be said to be the physics or rules behind money. These exclusive organizations owe their very existence to the sustained vibration of money, power and control. There is of course nothing wrong with money or power, if it is used to assist others, however alphabet soup clubs have continuously expressed through history, action and words - their motives and wants have little to do with humanitarian causes.

Now, the SSP lot represent a wild card of sorts, as their source of money might indeed be tax dollar based, however their power stream may come from an entirely different source altogether. Here we are speaking of possible SSP-ET contact and exchange of tech and information and bonus reversed engineering from crashes or ET-Human secret exchanges. This is wild stuff, but the SSP-ET theories are sound, somewhat predictable, and go back into human socio-economic history a good ways - thus we have little puffs of smoke here and there, hinting at dark government program, the lore of MIB.

How does POTUS ERECTUS fit into this very moment in time, when everything fundamentally human seems to be in flux? What should we make of the social media feud between Trump and the intel community? Trump has shown he wants to make this fight a public scrap and the intel community thrive in the shadows. It would be logical to lump the intelligence community either in the MIC camp and possibly some factions of the intel with the SSP camp. This would place the US intelligence community at odds with the IBC, generally speaking. The lickety-split fashion Trump stacked up his cabinet with well known Banksters, left little doubt which side of the field he is on - almost as if making a statement.

Trump, who made his name in New York, also took 911 quite personal. He made several, ripping public comments about 911 and was on the Howard Stern show, making remarks about an "inside job" and hinted at that time he did not look favorably upon the US intel community. All incoming US presidents are either compromised by their ascension into power and thus come in with a handicap or vulnerability or they simply have their hands tied once in office given the momentum and power of embedded lobbyist, old money and precedence. The US economy and military is too massive to steer quickly, it is a supertanker and large military and financial maneuvers span beyond any singular president. The real power players are those not-elected who have rose into power not through the vote but the cut to the throat. Cronies can remain around long enough to see long term missions come to fruition. Would a new president really want to make profound changes anyway? Nobody wants to be the first to be evicted from the Big Brother house and likewise, I bet nobody wants to be known as the POTUS who crashed America onto the rocks. I assume once in office, most presidents walk on eggshells and wave with smiles. All is well.

Looking at Donald Trump, it is generally accepted that he shows STRONG narcissistic traits, known medically as NPD, demonstrating over time a life mission bent on absolute control and subjugate praise. The big question being "is Trump Truly Rogue"? If he is a loose canon, the timing could be interesting. What is going on with the Russian connection? If it represents the IBC, then we are looking at strong money networks, that other countries would also certainly consider a national security issue. There are the rumors that Trump is not happy being president or is not mentally fit to be POTUS. Howard Stern has remarked on this, several US medical doctors voiced their unified concern of his mental state. If Trump goes to war with the US intel community, it will be Clash of the Titans. Trump himself is not a titan, but now he is the office of the President of the United States, and Commander in Chief. Does the modern day office of US President hold real power? This is another burning question and the events that play out now over Trump's presidency will not only dramatically reveal the level of power that POTUS inherits both in terms of the US constitution and contemporary power politics - the testing of the office of the Commander in Chief could fundamentally shift the alphabet soup pecking order and the punchline here is that the pecking order cannot be shifted. Not without bringing down the entire World Order.

Snowden and Wikileaks have already revealed the awesome scope of insanity and thirst for power the NSA and dark government have. They have zero respect for the ordinary human, we are regarded simply as numbers and threat levels. The POTUS cannot perform his or her duties and make international estimates and give global orders if they do not have proper, distilled reports and latest intel. When we look at Trump's coming term in office, the MIC might withhold intel or even worse use their intel to go after POTUS! Trump isn't one for losing and he is certainly not going to take orders from others, ha. If he cannot have his way, I am speculating that Trump will have a reactor core meltdown and will go on a rampage. Trump fits the historical profile of a tyrant and dictator and history has shown these personality profiles tend to want to burn everything to the ground if they cannot own it and have their way. Incredibly, Trump faces a presidential implosion threat from his own entourage, it appears he has encircled himself with minions of the lowest character who lack necessary connections and skill sets needed to function in Washington DC. I see a basic truth here - Trump does not like people. He sees reality through the filtering lens of a narcissist and as such he despises people. Of course Trump despises his fellow man, we all do. However, most people are forgiving and compassionate, thought processes which neutralize the acid of ego. Trump lacks compassion, he is not balanced. This translates into a truly, uncontrollable personality that is unpredictable to both friend and foe. I bet good money, the goons and analysts deep within the think tanks of the NSA and SSP know and knew Trump was mathematically unpredictable.

If Trump's presidency goes into gridlock and he catches a fleeting glimpse of the ghost of POTUS future -- visions himself as being the epic tool who steered America onto the rocks -- Trump's ego may go into unstoppable meltdown and he could initiate the failed dictators revenge mode of burn everything and everyone. If I'm going down, I will take everyone with me. If Trump began to lose altitude and foresaw a stall and spiral, he might really go to war with the intel community. Trump would likely go for the throat and go after their most prized asset - the SSP. The prime tactic of the intel community is to silence a threat or destroy the threat's reputation using black ops. This appears to have kicked off in record speed with the current POTUS. Trump would be made aware of this keenly, given the defensive nature of the entourage surrounding him. Imagine the paranoia! Trump may decide to do a POTUS first and go on the offensive. If this happens, then we might see a substantial crack in the force field of the MIC and SSP. Keep in mind that even something so infinitesimally small as a mere official, US gov acknowledgement of an SSP group would be catastrophic for the intel community as a whole. We are speaking of hard-earned containment here and containment of such a steamy, explosive, cosmic secret only works if all alphabet soup players agree to disagree.

Any good and proper insight on our part into the US secret government and alphabet soup gangs need always go beyond two dimensional thinking. We should be clever and think outside the box. Are the MIC, SSP and IBC at odds and if so... WHY?

Agent D

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Androids, Supercomputers & Bell Labs

It's been a while since we posted an Object Special Report and I feel that with all of this Secret Space Program whistle-blowing occurring right now this might be a good opportunity to share a personal experience involving one of my family members. I recently spoke with him and asked permission to tell his story to which he agreed as long as I changed the name and a few key dates.

Some Brief History

My cousin, we'll call him Douglas for the purposes of this article, spent over 15 years working for AT&T's research & development lab in Murray Hill, New Jersey as a high-level supercomputer technician with security clearance. I won't go into too much detail about what his job entailed, simply that his specialty was Cray supercomputers, of which AT&T had at least one at that time. This time frame I will be speaking of was 1981 to 1984, Doug had already worked for the company as a contractor for a number of years prior to this and was brought into full time employment with AT&T Labs in 1980. He is quickly approaching retirement age and hasn't worked for AT&T for quite some time which is why I can write about this now.

If you met Doug you would immediately realize how huge of a tech-geek he is, he's on top of the latest computer-tech news and you'll find him routinely fixing computers for friends and family. He graduated with a degree from a university in upstate New York and he has multiple technical certifications under his belt going back to the 70's. He is fundamentally an intelligent, tech savvy guy.

Obtaining Security Clearance

Early in 1981 almost everyone in the family as well as friends of ours were approached by agents from the FBI since the position Doug was accepting required a full background check as well as in-person interviews with family and friends. This is standard operating procedure for anyone accepting a job that requires a high level of security clearance. Douglas received his security clearance a few months later and began work at the Murray Hill research facility known at that time as Bell Labs. In 1984 it became "AT&T Bell Laboratories" and held that name until 1995. 

AT&T Bell Laboratories | Murray Hill, New Jersey

In 1980, the TDMA and CDMA digital cellular telephone technology was patented. In 1982, Fractional quantum Hall effect was discovered by Horst Störmer and former Bell Laboratories researchers Robert B. Laughlin and Daniel C. Tsui; they consequently won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for the discovery. In 1986, the programming language C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension to the original C language, also developed at Bell Laboratories. And in 1984, the first photoconductive antennas for picosecond electromagnetic radiation were demonstrated by Auston and others. This type of antenna became an important component in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. So needless to say, AT&T/Bell Labs have been a crucial component of advanced telecom research for decades.

Visiting Bell Labs Underground

CRAY-1 Supercomputer
On a sweltering summer day in August of 1983 Doug was summoned to the Murray Hill facility to "swap out several HSD's on one of the CRAY 1 computers" by his supervisor. An HSD is a hot-swappable drive which at the time was a fairly new technology and only technicians who were properly trained to deal with such tech were allowed to work on these systems. Doug floated around between various facilities throughout the northeast as he was needed and was based out of a satellite office in Newark, NJ. He had been to the Murray Hill facility many times in the years prior to this but never to work specifically on one of the CRAYs, this one in particular being located in an underground level below the main facility. 

When he arrived, he signed in and was quickly escorted by two armed guards both dressed in white button-down shirts with the Bell logo to an elevator which took them down to this sub-level. He wasn't sure how far down they went, only that it took the elevator less than a minute to reach this level. He guessed it was maybe 2 or 3 stories underground, there were no floor numbers in the elevator to indicate what level they were on. As the door opened one of the guards said to him, "Try not to look around too much, some of this stuff is above your pay grade" in a mildly sarcastic tone. 

They exited the elevator into a small annex that had a listing of research labs along with lab room numbers and arrows pointing left and right to indicate the direction of each lab. They turned right into a long, brightly lit and fairly wide corridor. On both sides of this corridor were floor to ceiling length glass windows. Without being too conspicuous, Doug noted that most of the glass windows were brightly lit from within, but you could only see into a few of them, the rest appeared to be frosted glass. Years later he would learn that those windows were electrically polarized to keep prying eyes from seeing things they shouldn't. Regardless of this fact, one particular lab was fully visible and what he got a glimpse of would stick with him for the rest of his life.

Underground laboratory corridor with lighted glass floor to ceiling windows on both sides.
(Artistic Rendering |

In his own words, he describes what he saw. 
"This was 1983 and robotics was still a new field so at the time I had no reference to compare this against. It wasn't until the following year that the movie Terminator hit theaters, and I swear to God what I saw in that lab looked exactly like the Terminator endoskeleton. It looked like a human being that had all of it's skin removed but instead of flesh and bone it had metallic tendons and muscles. It's skeleton was identical to a humans, it even had a full rib cage, only it was all metallic. I turned stark white when that endoskeleton crawled out of the fire at the end of the movie. I had already seen this thing in the basement of Bell Labs! It totally freaked me out."
He said there were several technicians working on this 'endoskeleton' which was laying on a table tilted at a 45 degree angle, almost like a dentist chair. He immediately wondered why they would have something like this on display, but thinking back on it later he figured they probably didn't know a technician was going to be coming down here on that particular day. He said the experience shook him to the core because it seemed so advanced and so far beyond what the known state of the art was at that time that it almost seemed 'alien' to him in some ways.

Meeting a CRAY

At the end of this corridor were a set of double-doors that opened up into a very large room with a high ceiling where the CRAY was located. This was one of the older "1" series machines which would be replaced by an X-MP/24 in November of 1985. The guards told him to use the phone to contact them when he was done so he could be escorted back out and reminded him not to leave the room. As they left, one of the doors was left cracked open as it apparently didn't automatically close. Moments later Doug hears a female voice very clearly say "Please close the door." He looked around expecting to see someone standing behind him. The voice said "This is a temperature controlled room, please close the door" and it was then he realized it was a computerized voice telling him this. Again, his mind was blown since this was all cutting edge technology at the time. It doesn't sound like much to us in 2016, but 30+ years ago this was stuff straight out of science-fiction movies. Literally.

CRAY X-MP/24 Supercomputer
Once he completed the drive swap, he called the guards as instructed and they showed up a few minutes later to retrieve him. Oddly enough, they took an entirely different route back to the top level via a stairwell at the end of a totally different hallway. Perhaps the guards realized their mistake in walking this computer tech down a hallway filled with research labs? That's purely speculative. They boarded an elevator one level up from where the CRAY was and returned to the ground level. I have to stress that this wasn't like some major underground base, this was simply a sub-basement level that was filled with individual labs. They walked past vending machines, break rooms and bathrooms, all very prosaic stuff. Aside from that android laying on the table, of course.

Pentiums Before There Were Pentiums

Another tidbit of information that I found fascinating, albeit not all that surprising, was the fact that scientists working at AT&T/Bell Labs in 1983 were using 90mhz Intel "Pentium" CPU's in their workstations. But wait Agent K, I thought the fifth-generation x86 architecture wasn't introduced to the market until 1993? That's correct folks, it wasn't released to the public for a full decade after it was introduced to the private research sector. Of course in
1983 it wasn't called the "Pentium" which was a name coined by Lexicon Branding, a company hired to give the new processor a catchy name instead of a numerical designation. Doug just internally referred to it as the "586 processor" at the time. Workstation components were being supplied directly to the labs from a development group within Intel. There were many instances where he would be sent to work on a machine that he had never seen before so he was usually given a resource to contact that would be able to answer technical questions he might have.

Casio TV-10 LCD TV
This wasn't the only thing he witnessed during his time at the labs. Most of the high-level research workstations were using flat glass display panels. The way Doug described these was like if you took the screen off one of the very first laptops ever to be introduced and attached it to a stand. It was still extremely 
early LCD technology so it wasn't the clearest or most colorful display, but more of them could be used in a given work space over the large footprint of CRT's. To put this in perspective, the first commercially available LCD TV was the Casio TV-10 which was introduced in 1983 and had standard definition resolution and poor color reproduction.

A few years later he said he spoke to another tech friend of his who also worked for the lab, he told Doug that he had seen some research being done on using lasers to write data on crystalline cubes in order to store vast amounts of information. It was fully rewritable and had the approximate footprint of a cube of sugar. When you really think about it this is all mind boggling stuff for some 30+ years ago.

So what is my point to all of this? The point is that the true level of state-of-the-art technology that private research corporations such as AT&T possess is decades ahead of what is available to the public. Not just years--decades. So when we see these whistle-blowers such as Corey Goode and William Tompkins talk about secret space program technology like 'glass pads' and kilometer-long spacecraft designs, it's not that far of a stretch to believe that this stuff all exists and has so for 60+ years. We live in a tightly controlled, tightly regulated atmosphere of technological disclosure. Sure, everything is constantly getting better, faster, smaller and cheaper. We now live in a world where we just replace and upgrade our existing technology with the 'next better thing' and the cycle continues to repeat itself. What we don't realize (yet) is the 'next better thing' is still at least two decades behind the true state of the art. Given knowledge like this, imagining a secret space program with electrogravitic ships and reverse engineered alien technology now seems almost mundane.
Agent K

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Birds and the Beings Face Off 
UFO/ET enthusiasts are familiar with the concept that humanoid reptilians could be indigenous to Earth, originating from this planet hundreds of millions of years (perhaps more) into prehistoric past. Two other species we do not often think of being family cousins of humans are sentient insects and birds. The SyFy channel has over the past years with their show Face Off sought out talented visual artists to create some rather stunning models of alien races. Looking over these pictures on the internet the other day, I found it quite interesting that we have so many Reptilians and Bird-like beings on our collective mind and it comes forth in artistic creations, in films, comics, TV shows, literature and the list goes on. We are lately seeing very humanoid versions of intelligent insects and birds. Biologically speaking - at first glance this might seem like an evolutionary stretch given that birds have no hands and fingers and insects on Earth are quite small and seem fragile and evasive. Consider though that our (limited) observations are made within our current sphere of reality. If we look to the past or future, it is interesting to note that Planet Earth was quite a different planet altogether billions of years ago and will be a totally alien planet far into the future. Netflix is currently offering the classic 1999 BBC TV show Walk with the Dinosaurs and the followup Walking with Monsters. This 3D animated series gives a glimpse into a vastly different surface of our planet. Hundreds of millions of years into the past, the atmosphere was radically different as well, temperatures were higher and the ratio of gases such as oxygen, helium and nitrogen was quite different than today. Insects were growing several feet in length given that the atmosphere in their period was in favor of insect exoskeleton membrane-gas exchange with oxygen saturation reaching 30 percent of ambient air. This is not to say for certain that visiting humanoid insect races are from Earth, but our geological history in itself is a long calendar demonstration of how varied any life sustaining planet's atmosphere can be at any given time interval involving billions of years, compared one to the other. Earth is not a static sphere, the planet itself grows and evolves, literally in physical size, gas composition, orbital distance from the sun and the given flora and animal kingdoms that thrive best in that particular billion-year-slice. Earth is not only capable of giving birth to one sentient species, she has enough Goldilocks orbital life to spin out at least 3-4 discrete races of star beings according to fellow ET star beings/visitors statements on record. 

When we say other "Star beings" this is a specific reference to flesh and blood, living beings composed of atomic matter which was blasted out of a fusion star at the heart of a planetary solar system. 
When we speak of ultra-advanced beings we are usually speaking of non-corporeal, conscious beings who are composed of light or some other quasi-matter not well-defined who have likely evolved from flesh and blood into a trans-human species that has integrated technology into the very essence of their being, ultimately reaching a state of existence that blends seamlessly with trans-dimensional ability. Many visitors have blatantly stated to human eye-witnesses that ultra-technology and spiritual advancement go hand in hand. This is a real teaser statement that rattles around in your head for a long, long time. What does this mean? Technology and spirituality wound tightly together across infinity, it is very satisfying to the right side of the brain to contemplate. While we are in the twilight zone talking about infinity, we also have to consider how fantastic it is, that any sort of sentient being can pop out of infinity at any given moment - anything goes and indeed some CE4 eye-witness experiences certainly suggest ordinary humans from time to time are brushing up against this infinite potentiality scenario wherein the holographic fractal universe via its common laws of physics based primarily upon quantum waves and non-locality - allows for interaction across infinite swaths of multiverses. Face Off
Our mass-collective conception of visiting humanoid species is unfortunately riddled with paranoia and deep fear and perhaps in random dealings with some visiting humanoid species, the fear is well placed. Homo Sapiens have a tendency, based upon current DNA complexity, toward animal violence behavior. In our favor we have this odd tendency to produce high integrity beings that promote peace and harmony, we also have on occasion genius and master artistry. We could assume that other humanoid races have a wide spectrum which embodies animal violence and cosmic-level genius with most of the species perhaps lying somewhere in between these extremes. It is my understanding that the initial ET-Human contact phase with other star beings has to date been primarily composed of arriving, opportunistic, races who have engaged nasty, human military-industrial-complex-type factions in an effort to gain a foot hold in Earth affairs and to steer the supertanker as it were. Corey Goode of the Sphere Being Alliance blog has speculated and articulated at length, that this likely began in earnest in the 1940's with Nazi Germany initiating a parallel reality, mass-mind-collective-operation that was in essence the first military-industrial-complex to have no internal, national resistance and thus took off like a bottle rocket and continues well into the present with several contemporary military industrial complex alliances with negative ET factions still ongoing and expanding into the cosmos. This doesn't surprise at all when you let the logic of it run its course in your imagination. All of this originating back in the mid 1900's Europe is interesting to note. We humble citizens tend to think ET-Human contact is something that is approaching, but apparently it has long since taken place - put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Well, this certainly was a nasty little slice of human history looking back, so perhaps we should not feel jealous that we were left out of the party. Today, the big picture is coming into focus and we can decipher the grand plan on a cosmic, trans-dimensional scale using our trusty Internet-Collective Nerd Club Card. Thinking like an advanced ET and seeing our homo-sapiens existence from the perspective of ultra-advanced intelligence, beings who can slip backward and forwards within the fractal holographic multiverse - to them Earth's past and future and the initial mid 1900's meet and greet with odious ET factions was likely anticipated by a great number of other ET societies within earshot of our bustling solar system. We know there are many friendly confederations and alliances involved with Earth's (non-linear) affairs, but who obviously waited by the sidelines in those testy, early years of contact. One could say that those early visiting races - operating in a clinically very similar social manner with their governments and societies based on war and industrial profiteering were, in a sense, gravitating naturally within the complex quantum ether, manifesting themselves in a warm, cozy, familiar environment. Easy-going, refined beings and alliances would have known of the futility of engaging post WWII Earth humans, imagine what a hornet's nest this planet was after the sheer destruction and carnage of WWII. Nasty characters always move onto the scene when people are down and vulnerable and obviously this trait is not privy to just humans. Post World War II is when Earth behavior really went into secret-government-military-industrial-complex-orgasmic-overdrive. Again, from the timeless, advanced perspective this was certainly predictable and thus in wide angle lens, cosmic perspective, allowed to happen in order for the characters of the House of Cards to assume their ying yang roles and thus positioning all visiting species in their assigned seating as Earth explodes on the galactic scene as the most violent and diverse planet of free will in the galaxy. Earth drops its quarantine shield allowing a deluge of neighboring humanoid races full access to Earths precious and entertaining domain. We are at the least, the best reality TV in the Universe and the neighbors are very, very curious about the human experiment that is now being uncorked. Many UFOs seen in the sky are likely rubberneckers cruising by, slack-jawed, looking down at the insanse asylum - the inmates running wild with atomics and candy.  

Let us look to the future. Ultimately, full contact will involve the rest of the characters (including you and I), the good ETs are gathering closer and closer and will be interacting strongly with good-nature humans. This coming alliance of high-integrity ETs with high-integrity humans will be so powerful and dominating it will utterly smash the secret government military industrial complex space alliance. This is not wishful thinking, it is simple physics - the highest orders of power and technology come from benevolent dimensions. There is a bias or natural limit to the technology and power of nefarious races - like a virus - dark technology is only allowed to spread so far. There is in a sense a humanity civil war in progress, there is little doubt of this at this juncture, and how this resolves itself in the coming years will be interesting to observe. 

We find ourselves today in a far different era than post WWII Earth and with each passing decade we find ourselves with new kids on the block. We are picking up internet chatter lately of sentient bird beings and the bird being is certainly well embedded in our human psyche, made manifest in comic books and film. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this universe of quantum non-locality and zero-time - neither. MILAB whistleblower Corey Goode is not the first to reference human contact and interaction with intelligent bird beings, the famous novelist and author Whitley Streiber in his book The Key speaks of his conversation with a mysterious Visitor who when questioned by Whitley, elaborates on Earth having the evolutionary, Goldilocks window of opportunity and capability to produce, or evolve both intelligent insects and billions of years later, intelligent birds - and of course us humanoid apes. As we have often discussed, at the quantum level of reality there is no time and space and we suspect UFOs are time machines capable of zero-time in a sense, the ability to be a billion years into the future or past or to be present right here in our current time line - after all, it is just a matter of vibration/frequency, tuning into the desired parallel reality. Do we have Earthly cousins from the past and future Earth, visiting us in UFOs or travelling trans-dimensional to deliver messages and guidance here and now? We certainly could have humanoid reptilian beings visiting us and we must keep in mind what could perhaps be a loophole in the Earth quarantine statute. Intelligent insects and reptilians would be legally considered Earthlings and perhaps a quarantine does not apply to them, we are after all evolved from reptilians ourselves, early proto-mammalians were in fact living in burrows with early dinosaurs and evolved directly from reptilian genetics and this is covered in the BBC series Walking with Monsters. We are family, as we share one planet and perhaps one evolutionary tree. There is growing evidence we have humanoid insects and now good eyewitness testimony suggests we have humanoid birds visiting via time craft. It would not surprise me if the entire Earth family tree contains humanoid Reptilians, Humans, Insects and Birds. Each sentient species having survived its destructive animal instincts to the critical time-zero point where they achieved quantum technology to blast out of the linear time-line, thus interacting in the common meeting ground of the NOW. We have little data on the actual social structure and history of other alien species out there in the Universe, we have been left to largely speculate and guess as to motives, objectives and we humans have a tendency to expect the worst, but we must remind ourselves that individual personalities can cover the spectrum of good to evil, so we are likely to find that visiting races cannot be judged easily, or as a whole. We must remain open and objective.

The hyper fractal multiverse is infinite and offers limitless configurations of reality. This statement, if looked at closely is holographic within itself - you are the hologram and you are conscious within the hologram and must be aware and maintain awareness that the holodeck called Earth is dynamic and and existing in a zero-time state in addition to a linear state. Simply put, linear-time and zero-time both able to exist in our mental understanding, our imagination space is a bit of a paradox. That we can comprehend a paradox possibly suggests we can therefore control the paradox. As stated before, in the fractal-holograhic-multiverse thought is king. We really need to take this notion by the horns and squeeze out every bit of potential that is possible from this phenomenon and seize the opportunity to demonstrate to our fellow galactic neighbors and Earth cousins that we see through the paradox, that we have the collective mental IQ necessary to interact with refined, advanced beings. Our so called "leaders" have failed on que, there is no one at the wheel and the bus is doing 95 MPH, barreling down the highway with sparks flying. Random passengers jump up and attempt to take the wheel to regain some degree of control, at the least shouting to the other passengers that nobody is at the wheel. -AD

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AJ's Female Humanoid Insect ET by Agent D
Lizard Man: copyright Marvel Comics Universe, Spider Man Comics

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Many of us by now have read material about the great galactic alignment or have seen YouTube videos and documentaries about this cosmic phenomenon. The idea of the Earth solar system entering the high energy zone of the Milky Way Galaxy plane was even made into a major Hollywood blockbuster film "2012". Unfortunately, anytime a UFO or ET concept is turned into a film script and green lighted for production, the original, fragile theory is trivialized and reality muddied leaving the general population in a state of mind, believing it was all just science fiction controversy originating from some film. In this case however, the event would obviously be so overwhelming and grand, there would be no mistaking the reality of the situation, no matter how many times the subject has been tampered with via mainstream media. 

So what is the deal? Is this Great Galactic Alignment controversy real or just another eye candy theory spawning off the mother ship of 2012 and the Mayan calendar theory popularity? The Object Report over the last few years has posted many links on the galactic center controversy, so the Agents are aware that there are in-depth articles on the subject of the galactic alignment which go into great detail, so for this Object Special Report I would like to take a couple of steps back, analyze where we stand at this moment, literally speaking, and determine what the most recent data snap shot indicates.

What is the galactic alignment? There are many shapes, sizes and configurations of galaxies in our universe. Our galaxy is  of the barred spiral galaxy classification and likely contains at minimum 100 billion planets among its 1 trillion stars. This is a staggering number but even more mind blowing is the reality that there are trillions more galaxies in the visible Universe, each galaxy with an equal number of stars and planets and there are likely an infinite number of Universes in the infinity matrix. Aside from staggering numbers - the most pressing aspect of the shape of our galaxy is the fact that our Milky Way galaxy is flat, so all of the light, gravity, mass and quantum energy contained in our Milky Way is in general spread out across the disc in a rather tight, narrow beam akin to the energy coming from a spinning airport traffic control radar dish. The focused beams from a lighthouse on the ocean would be another good analogy with extra-dimensional (quantum) energy being emitted/absorbed from the center of our Milky Way galaxy - possibly originating from a central, super-massive black hole. There is also the energy and mass of the stars which makeup the galaxy body - and there are countless black-holes spread out along the disk in addition to the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is important to also note here that when we mentally visualize our galaxy we are conceptualizing an impossibly large construct with evolutionary brain horsepower that has fine tuned around visual objects and an organic understanding of 3D space with concepts such as mass, momentum, acceleration, temperature - yet there is more beyond living human senses, that affects us. Quantum phenomenon cannot readily be visualized with organs, humans do however have the ability with their unique conscious intelligence to, in a way, visualize the quantum phenomenon realm as well. When dealing with quanta or more broadly expressed, quantum phenomenon - we have the impossibly simple concept of waves and thresholds. Everything in existence is made solely from thresholds and interference patterns within eternal, primordial waves. Threshold is magical in quantum phenomenon for it bridges together the light speed physical 3D world with the magical unseen world of instant and infinite. Earth's long-count trajectory and galactic alignment combine two mega-concepts together when the 3D shape of our galactic energy-band and the Earth's position within it, impact with the ultra-concept of quanta, in which galactic energy rises directly affect established quantum thresholds in our local space. Quanta events can be almost binary in nature, you either have the energy or you do not. What if we have been lacking a certain level of local space quantum-energy, in which the Earth swims? What if our local quadrant and local torsion field take on board more energy and thresholds are broken in an instant?

Multi-dimensional energy originating from this ultra-massive black hole and from the central region of the galaxy in general is most dense in the middle of the flat aspect of our galaxy, as the graphic at top roughly demonstrates. The Earth and other stars in our quadrant are once again in a natural motion, drifting into this high energy zone. This controversial cycle of our local solar  quadrant drifting in and out of this galactic alignment middle zone, or high density zone, seems to happen roughly every 25,000 years. It is a natural motion within complex galaxies, but when living beings with quantum minds are scurrying around on the crust of one of the planets at just the right time as it enters the alignment zone, strange things happen to those beings (supposedly). What happens? That is the million dollar question everyone is in a flurry to figure out. The Earth aligning with the density zone of the galaxy and being influenced by extra gravity and light, in itself would not be that remarkable at first glance, however if we consider the quanta factor of this cosmic alignment and assume a super-massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is emitting the deepest quantum energy - it would be an entirely different issue. Do we have any proof whatsoever of a mysterious quantum energy factor in our Milky Way galaxy? Well, strangely enough, yes we do and it is called 'dark matter'. 

What is dark matter? Physicist at this moment are left speculating and most scientists suggest they do not know, but we have a good idea of what dark matter is and in fact, the escoteric data stream now coming through the human collective consciousness that is called the "internet" has a transmission in the form of KRYON, a quantum supreme being who has described verbally what dark matter is. KRYON roughly states that dark matter is instantaneous quantum energy from other, unseen dimensions and in fact our entire galaxy is locked together and rotates in one, interlinked-quantum-state. Knowing so very little about dark matter, perhaps it could be asked, why even bring up the subject if it is yet undefined? The enigma of dark matter is so great it represents the possibility for us to suggest this is instrumental physical evidence that points to a potentially esoteric nature of dark matter. The mere fact that scores of  scientists and astrophysicists cannot explain dark matter suggests they indeed cannot identify its nature because it is paranormal, or esoteric and we have not yet achieved instruments advanced and sensitive enough to help us understand energy outside of our dimensional constant. We can only observe reality at our light speed, another, nearby dimensional plane likely has another light speed constant (relative to ours if put side by side). 

What are the scenarios for the Earth entering a galactic sweet spot? Scenario one: nothing happens! Scenario two: the EIRM (Esoteric Internet Rumor Machine) indicates this great galactic alignment will result in a change of energy density of our local quadrant, our solar system. The energy change will be on a multi-dimensional level, again with the dominant source being that of the super-dense-mass at the center of our galaxy. It will be a period for humans in which the fundamental laws of physics will be ever so slightly altered and time and space itself will be affected. Because the human mind is quantum based and exists outside of space and time and mass, the great alignment likely represents a sort of "quantum-tunneling" whereby the physicality of our human existence will be brought closer to our eternal quantum aspect and we will be that much closer to what we call the 4th dimension, the supernatural, or the light body.

Do we have any proof of this supernatural transition happening now? Any proof something is cooking? Again, we swing around to same ole problem of elusive tangible proof. Running The Object Report, Agent K and I sometimes feel like the owners of a high-rise apartment building and we are perpetually stuck trying to collect rent from the tenets and they never pay up. We can hear the party and thumping bass behind the closed door, but if we knock to collect rent, there is never an answer, never tangible proof handed to us. It sounds hopeless, but many of us die hard Ufologists, including Agent K and myself, have had personal UFO sightings and esoteric experiences - so I know on an idiosyncratic level something is going on. I cannot prove it readily to you, but I know it in my own personal reality sphere. With all of these massive theories floating around, such as Grays, hybrid beings, abductions, disclosure, galactic alignment - it's all so huge at some point something has to give, the dam must burst and surely the proof comes spilling forth. We are still waiting on absolute physical proof, that is obvious. We do however, keep receiving these curious, mass-less neutrino-like packets of information from fresh sources. Recently we have begun posting several interviews with Corey Goode who talks at length about his experience in the organization we might refer loosely to as MILAB. Corey delves effortlessly into astounding detail regarding his experience in this ultra-secret organization but the gold is his knowledge base of the great-alignment phenomenon and the suggestion that ultra-advanced Avian Beings (Ra) have placed a cloaked grid around the solar system to buffer our entry into the high energy zone, to smooth things out as it were. This is all beyond ridiculous sounding, no... even Agent D has to admit it is absolutely impossible sounding. I love that it is impossible and ludicrous, because I would expect actual ET contact and cosmic revelations to occur in such a dramatic, mind blowing fashion - in a way that is bigger than our brains can absorb. Not only do we have Corey Good describing how our solar system has just been placed in a "lock-down" by supreme beings - we simultaneously have FLAWLESS, incoming bio-transmissions from trance-channelers such as Suzanna over at Universal Gateway which indicate supreme beings are disseminating to humans, some form of instructions on how to defend ourselves against mind control and self destruction during this hyper-space hoopla. I find it awfully coincidental that so many people are harping on about the same subject in such detail and intensity. The information is so profound, intense, and in some ways demanding, that I believe most readers simply tune-out and switch-off when they initially touch upon these articles and YouTube videos. As I stated before in previous blogger entries, I suspect many readers ignore these connect-the-dots facts because it simply does not agree with their preconceived notion of how ET-Human contact should unfold. I would crawl further out on the limb and say (nearly) all previous theories about disclosure or ET contact, have in themselves been a form of mind-control, to constantly keep people off the real trail, as it were. I'm not suggesting you should morph into some sort of "BELIEVER" or convert to particular wild theories, but I do suggest at a minimum simply be aware of subtle events around you and degausse the brain and shake off mass-cliche-expectations - even those originating from the established UFO community. 

This great alignment information has been repeated several times from the EIRM (pronounced "ugh,, ermmm") so we once again have this odd, repeating collusion of data that reinforces itself through its sheer repetition and refusal to die out. Obviously, if our quadrant, our local solar system, our Earth is slowly entering into a high energy zone of the great galactic disk center and it is a cycle that occurs every twenty five thousand years, it is certainly not an ET or supreme being created event - it is a natural, cosmic event. It is however, a quantum phenomenon which ultra-advanced beings who live outside of time and space (as we know it) would be aware of and it would make sense that the galactic alignment would serve as focal point in a cosmic calendar for ETs and supreme beings existing in higher dimensions to take advantage of. In a nutshell, they would know about it and know exactly when its going to occur and in what manner. Supreme beings would "see it coming from a mile away" so to speak, even if we humans are not aware or not fully understanding. Entry into a galactic alignment zone could serve a higher, supreme force in ways we cannot imagine yet, but we know that quantum phenomenon is the nature of this gateway. This mystical, enigmatic energy could be and likely will be a catalyst for future activity that will see enlightened humans given a quantum level ability to interact with higher dimensional beings in a way that would otherwise not be possible, until one has died and entered higher realms through death and the loss of their 3D body or physical mass. Taking this to its wildest speculation and potential - we could be entering hyperspace not in death, but in physical form as living, breathing beings perhaps in some sort of quasi-density format whereby we are alive and solid, yet can move more freely through time and space and interact with a greater multiverse. This is all ongoing and I predict events will increase in intensity and escalate to a point of ET/Galactic contact and transformation of the collective human mind either through the field itself or perhaps through means not yet imagined.

Agent D

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Galactic Alignment by Agent D
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Corey Goode and David Wilcock on Gaiam TV
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